Digital Media Interactive

360° Product Development

OTTera White Label Entertainment Platform


360° Product Development

OTTera White Label Entertainment Platform

PaaS End-to-End OTT Services

Native Applications for ALL TVs, phones, tablets, and computers with Customizable UI/UX

Full feature experiences like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu

Monetization through Advertising, Subscription, and Transactional VOD

Robust Analytics & Reporting

Transcoding, DRM, CDN Delivery

Powerful Content Management System

Fully managed scalable server infrastructure capable of 10M+ users

Business Growth & Partnerships

Build Ideas in to Marketable Business Opportunities

Grow Products in to Self-Sustaining Businesses

Partnership Development

Search Engine Optimization

Monetization Strategy

Social Networking Outreach

Business Creation and Incorporation

Technology Accelerator

Content Production & Creative Design

Video Production & Green Screen Work

Commercial Creation

Engaging Graphics for Print, Web, and Banner Ads

Product Branding and Imagery

Video Editing & Special Effects

2D/3D Modeling in Maya and 3D Studio Max

Cartoon Animatics and Rendering

Conceptual Design & Storyboarding

Full-Stack Design & Development

Wire-framing & UI/UX Design

Scalable Server Infrastructures

Web & Native Application Development

HTML5/JS/CSS3, Obj-C, Java, C++, C#, PHP, Ruby, Python, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, MongoDB, Node.js, RabbitMQ, AngularJS, AWS, Chef, SOLR, Memcache, RESTful/SOAP APIs, Video, Networking, CDNs, Unity3D, cocos2d-x, and more…

Platform Experience:
Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, Android, Android TV, Smart TVs, Roku, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and more…

Check out one of our larger products...

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Deliver multi-platform products with intuitive functionality and flawless execution.
We work to help you build brand awareness, support your marketing campaigns, and engage you in social media.
DMI finds needs in the digital market and leads the way in pushing technology to its limit.

Professional Service

We pride ourselves on the excellent service that we provide to all our customers. Whether you take advantage of our wide variety of customizable frameworks or a completely original solution, we ensure that your needs are met each and every time.

Maximize Profits

We understand that every project will have different goals and must be budgeted accordingly. With that in mind, we present you with a clear idea of what we can provide at that price point and give you options that can help reduce your costs and/or improve the functionality of your product.

Deliver On Time

As the saying goes, "Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable." We take this to heart in all of our projects. We are constantly looking for unexpected hurdles so that we can avoid them ahead of time to prevent delays. To keep you up-to-date we provide regular progress reports.

Your Management Team

"Digital Media Interactive stands out because of its creative team of individuals from very diverse backgrounds,
each bringing a completely unique expertise to the table.  They hit every mark, time and time again." -- Tier 1 Digital Media Customer

Brendan Pollitz

Chief Operations Officer
Past producer of a feature film for Lions Gate, and manager of numerous commercials, cartoon series, television shows, and websites with multi-million dollar budgets.

James Cahall

Chief Technical Officer
From scalable server infrastructures to web, mobile and connected TV applications, James leads technology development and feature integration at DMI. He explores new technologies that can drive increased revenue and facilitate implementation of business strategies for the clients.

Stephen Hodge

Chief Marketing Officer
Stephen has been leading the efforts at Toon Goggles as the Managing Director into the market, along with finding gap financing for Animated Projects that are going on Television around the world. Stephen also leads the marketing efforts with Digital Media Interactive, which he is also a founding member.

Our Track Record

Some of our publicly acknowledged partners & clients
Portfolio Available Upon Request