March 14, 2017



Over-The-Top White Label Entertainment Platform

OTTera is a professional white label service that allows companies to quickly launch highly customized, affordable OTT services. Typically, to build such a solution from scratch to rival the functionality and scalability of today’s most popular services would take several years and a multi-million dollar investment. By utilizing the OTTera White Label Service companies are able to license these same technologies for a fraction of the cost, with minimal infrastructure needed to support them, in 2-3 months or less.

Building on 7 years of professional OTT experience from the creation and evolution of the “Toon Goggles – Entertainment On-Demand for Kids” service (used by over 5 million users worldwide), DMI’s OTTera provides an end-to-end solution that is highly adaptable for any form of content.

Core Features Include (but not limited to):

  • Video Management – Ingest of Mezzanine Content, Transcoding, DRM Encryption, Packaging, and CDN Delivery
  • Content Management – Ingest of Metadata, Image Adaptation for various presentation styles and sizes, Restrictions (GeoIP, Time, Premium, Device Limits, Simultaneous Connections, etc.), Grouping (Seasons, Collections, Playlists), Administrator Roles and Permissions, Multi-Channel, and more…
  • User Management – Registration, Permissions, Profiles, and Restrictions
  • Licensing Management – Rights Holder Assignment, CE Partner Tracking, & Revenue Share Reporting
  • Monetization Services – Robust Ad Server with VAST and Custom Campaign Support, Subscription Services with Order Management, Payment Gateways and Merchant Services
  • Analytics Services – Internal Reporting on Macro Analytics and Micro Analytics through Flurry and Google Analytics
  • Registration Code & Referral Services
  • Support for Various Optional Content Types and Features (Series, Feature Films, Games, Books, Radio, Blog Articles, and Video Recording Engine)
  • Highly Customizable Native Applications for 99%+ of video-capable devices worldwide with features exceeding those of Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.
  • Scalable Infrastructure to support 1 to 10,000,000+ active users
  • Various Ancillary Services – Mail, SEO, Carrier Billing, MRSS/OPML, etc.
  • Content Migration, Worldwide Deployment & Custom Development Services
  • Optional full service advertising management system

Dynamic and Customizable Native Applications for ALL platforms including:

  • iOS/tvOS/watchOS/macOS – All Apple devices
  • Android/Android TV/Google TV/Android Wear – All Android devices
  • HTML5/Tizen/JavaCE – All major TVs and set-top boxes (50+ brands)
  • Roku
  • Windows desktop and tablets
  • Web

Industry Leading Features

  • 4K/1080p/720p/480p Video
  • 360 VR Video
  • Live Video
  • User Registration / Login / Account Management
  • Pre-roll / Mid-roll / Post-roll Video or Banner VAST advertising
  • Auto-renewing Subscriptions & Transactions
  • Favorites / Recently Watched / Playlists
  • Auto-play, Recommendation Engine
  • DRM, Closed Captions, & Localization
  • Optional Parental Controls

Simply put, OTTera provides everything a company could ask for in an OTT solution. OTTera is built to be very modular to accommodate any size project that utilizes any number of the core features available. With affordable up-front and monthly licensing costs and low usage costs, OTTera can be a great option for any company wanting to enter the OTT space or super charge their current limited offerings.

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How much does it cost?

Typical costs include a small setup fee for design, deployment, and service licensing as well as a monthly servicing and licensing fee. After that, you pay fixed rates for $ / 1000 video plays and $ / GB for bandwidth and storage. Some custom features such as live video, DRM, etc. will have additional monthly fees. Discounts are available for bulk licensing of multiple services. Contact Us for custom pricing.

I have an existing Roku app. Can you help me build out for other platforms?

YES! We can help you migrate from your existing back-end to a cheaper solution we can fully manage. In addition, we can update your existing Roku application to use the new services or you can utilize our full-feature Roku application framework to make a new app. Once migrated, we can quickly launch your service on all other platforms.

I want to focus on content and not the tech side of things. Do I need to be tech savvy to use your services?

NO! We can help you through every aspect of managing your service from buying a domain, art/branding, marketing, business development, and more. The server infrastructure and content transcoding / CDN / app development etc. services are fully managed by our team and you can focus on the content.

Do you offer discounts for community organizations such as Universities / Churches / Non-profits / etc.

YES! Please contact us for more details and we can create a full project plan

Can you handle scale with consistent uptime and will you be around for 3-5 years as my company grows?

YES! We have a proven 7 year track record with 99.999% uptime and have supported over 7 million users worldwide and growing. Additionally, DMI has been fully profitable since founding in 2010 with revenues on custom software development projects exceeding any potential costs to support any given OTTera service for years to come. We carry full error & omissions insurance as well as liability insurance to ensure DMI and our clients are fully protected. Additionally, we do not merely create the technology but also utilize the technology on our own OTT services. This ensures our commitment to its growth and prosperity.